GPLM Press Release On Irreecha Day Massacre.

October 12, 2016


It is with deep sadness that the Ethiopian government once again embarked on carrying out a massive massacre of unarmed Oromo civilians in Oromia regain. The Gambella People Liberation Movement (GPLM) sends its condolences to the Oromo people, the families and friends of the victims that killed and injured at the Irrecha cultural and festival at Har-sadi Lake, near the town of Bishoftu, Oromoia on October 02, 2016.

The TPLF regime has continues committing genocide against their citizens by murdering the peaceful people who gathered and celebrate Irrecha the Oromo religious National Thank Giving Festival. The regime is now increasingly targeting every ethnic group in Ethiopia by using forces and different systems. The regime had committed war crime and intended to extinguish the spirit and the humanity in Oromia by open tear gas and life bullets on peaceful people who came to celebrate the Oromo National Thank Giving festival with their families and love one. This service was just conducted in an open field and the regime killed hundreds and wounded thousands in a broad day light.

The GPLM strongly condemns the barbaric massacre that conducted by the TPLF regime. TPLF will be responsible for the Life and blood of the Oromo people and the rest of Ethiopian who were murdered in different occasions.

The GPLM members are showing their solidarities, mourning and grieving for Oromo mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children who were murdered during the annual celebration. We the Gambella people are with you and standing beside you in this tragedies.

This TPLF regime has been carried out killing, murdering, and massacres and detained hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian citizens from all corner of the country. It’s make people live in fear daily for 25 years blinding the world by the name of Democracy which is not existing in Ethiopia.

This brutal regime of TPLF should know that we the Gambella People liberation Movement would not be silence on the blood and life of our fellow citizens.

The GPLM support all peoples in Ethiopia in their quest for justice and exercise of their full democratic rights and freedom.

Therefore, GPLM calls on:

  • People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) across the country to come together and bring the regime to an end and bring genuine, democratic change and self determination to all oppressed people and nations.
  • The Gambella People Liberation Movement categorically condemns the action of the Ethiopian regime on Oromo nation and calls upon all peoples and parties in the Horn of Africa and the international community to condemn this shockingly evil/heinous act.
  • International community to pressure the Ethiopian government to stop indirect and direct killing of Ethiopia civilians;
  • International community to establish independent inquiries to investigate the massacre currently taking place in Oromia regains;
  • On the United States government and the Europeans community to pressure the Ethiopian government to desist from committing current genocide on our people;
  • Finally, calls on government of EPRDF to stop it divide and rule politics in Ethiopia.


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